Widows Support Fund

The Widows Support Fund is based in Cameroon in West Africa and supports over 300 widows living in small villages around the main town of Belo. It has been active since 2008, supporting the widows who are the extreme end of the poverty scale to support themselves.

The project works with widows who either have no income or are the sole providers of income for themselves and a large family. In Africa if a member of a community dies, a relative, friend or other member of the community will take over the care of any children or elderly people. Many of the widows we met in Cameroon had 7 or 8 children to feed with no regular income.

The fund works on the basis of a monthly needs assessment. Our local staff in Cameroon assess the most immediate needs of the widows each month and send a report to our UK based team, who respond by sending the appropriate support and funds. Regular monitoring and communication show the widow's quality of life has dramatically improved because of this fund; the malaria rate has fallen and winter times no longer bring with them the fear of hunger. 


As well as adressing immediate needs we provide livestock to widows; providing a sustainable way to create funds throught the sale of livestock produce.

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