Leprosy Support

Leprosy in its later stages can cause limb loss. For a person with leprosy finding work is near impossible, in South India people with leprosy also experience discrimination and isolation.

Our project in South India works with 30 people with leprosy or other severe disabilities, such as blindness and elephantiasis  The project provides income generating and entrepreneurship opportunities and support by allowing each individual to use skills they already have, or skills that are taught by our staff, to generate an income to support themselves. By utilising micro-loans from Freedom from Poverty the individuals we work with have purchased sewing machines, fabric, livestock and small businesses.

Funds donated to this project will allow us to recruit additional people onto this project who need our support, and to give them a loan to start up their own income generating project, allowing them to earn money to support themselves and their families.

we charge no interest on our loans, they are free, and payable back at less than 10 pence per month. This allows the individual to take control of their life and to have a sense of achievement which a charitable donation doesn't necessarily achieve. Loans give a person autonomy and a sense of control over their life; they themselves make the difference and get to a stage where they are financially in control of their lives and no longer need a loan.  The loans are paid back to the local school and reinvested (as a grant) to support the local children. FFP does not take back the money from the loans, instead the loan is reinvested as a grant in the local schools. 

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