Housing development in South India: Santhom Slum

This project has so far involved the building of 13 houses for people living in a very poor area of Santhom Slum, in Ernakulam district of Kerala, India. The slum is small and sits besides a dirty river. Stray dogs and cats sleep in between the rusted metal sheets that hold houses together, and mosquitoes swarm over muddy patches between the houses.


The project, initially ran by Global Vision International, was funded by the Crossman Trust and facilitated the building of a playground by the slum as well as houses. The project incorporated education aspects such as after school tuition for local children and vocational courses for local women. Many women chose a diploma in dress making and passed with flying colors, making their employment prospects better and improving the life chances of their children.

13 houses have been built by GVI for the 13 families, and we would now like to build another 13 for more families identified as 'at risk.' The identification of 'at risk' was based on their current education, income, health, and the quality of their current house.


The homes leak when monsoon season comes, are unhygienic; filled with insects and are dark from the smoke of fires which the families cook over. Our new homes are clean, spacious, safe, sturdy and durable. They offer families hope, protection and shelter from the Monsoon season and intense sun. 

These homes are only £2500 to build! Please get involved. Supply a family with a home for life.


Thank you

​Freedom from Poverty