Surgery and eye care clinic

This project is in partnership with BERUDA, formally known as BERUDEP, a grassroots NGO local to the Boyo area in Cameroon. 

The project supplies a mobile eye clinic to provide free consultations to local residents, and access to diagnosis and treatments. Patients are asked to pay if they can, to fund the clinic, but many are given free treatment. The one nurse employed by the clinic, Nkain Isaac, was trained by an American nurse and runs the clinic voluntarily. He has worked with Freedom from Poverty's director, Becky, in Africa.

The project would like to develop, with Freedom from Poverty, to be able to supply more modern, effective and accurate diagnosis and treatment, and cataracts for surgeries.

In 2015, 1305 patients attended the clinic. Of these people 132 were diagnosed with a cataract and put at risk of blindness. Of the 1305 patients, only 25 could afford to pay for their own treatment.

The clinic is in desperate need of funds. 

95% of people living in the Boyo area are farmers. Vision impairments seriously effects their ability to be able to survive.

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