Child sponsorship and business startup


Our latest and new project is in rural Pakistan and constitutes 2 major groups of christian people living under the poverty line: children and widows.

In a typical village in Pakistan most of the children will attend school as the fees are usualy very low (around £40 per year). In a very poor village many of the families will not be able to afford even this small amount and so their children will go without education. Our project is working in this area to provides grants directly to the school to cover a childs fees, costs for the uniform and books and pens. In the village we are working in the total amount per child, ncluding all of the above, is the tny amount of £30 per year! This is all it takes to secure a child's future by giving them a direct route out of poverty.


By allowing a child to receive education you provide a direct route for them out of poverty. Child labour, early marriage and pregnancy, disease and manutrition can all in part by combatted through education which provides the child with skills to allow him or her to choose an alternative path in life. To choose health and stability over poverty. 


For the group of widows we are simply giving them grants so they can rent out a rickshaw or auto-rickshaw and use it as a taxi service in and around their village! The ladies have also been given different options, such as livestock ownership and resource provision for starting up other business, such as textiles and tea making, but the rickshaw option seems to be getting the most interest and the ladies are very keen to spend some of their time ferrying other villagers to and fro.


This project is sustaible, efficient and directly targets poverty. We are working directly with the villagers to directly combact poverty and related issues and providing opportunities that they like, that suits their life style and that provide acheiveable results.

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