About Freedom from Poverty.

Each year, more than 8 million children die in their first 5 years of life due to poverty. 1,4000,000,000; that's a fifth of the worlds population, live in extreme poverty, living on less than $1.25 a day. This can all be stopped.

Advances have already been made to reduce poverty worldwide: in the last 6 years for example 22 countries have cut their malaria rate in half due to increased access to malaria prevention and treatment, additionally, the number of people children dying from measles has dropped 78% in the last 8 years!

In the nineties the number of children dying each day due to poverty was 33,000, in 2008 it dropped to 24,000. Today it is 20,000 children, per day. These advances show that change is possible. Imagine how much lower we can get this number!

With your help we want to achieve great things this year and bring that number right down.

Freedom from Poverty works across Africa, Colombia and thr MIddle East and India to alleviate severe poverty. We work with those living under the poverty line of $1.25 per day, and those living just above the poverty line. We work with all people regardless of their race, beliefs, sexuality and skills.


At Freedom from Poverty we know poverty cant be eradicated overnight. However, we don't believe this should stop people trying to make a difference. We work on the principle that long term, permanent and sustainable solutions are better than short term fixes. We also believe in the power of empowerment; assisting people to gain control of and change their own situations. We want everyone to be part of this change. To get involved please contact us.

Our values

Our values include:





We value having an approach that not only involves the individuals we work with but allows them to manage and monitor the projects that directly affect them and their communities. No one understands a situation better than the person living in that situation,  and no one can tell us what they need better than the person in need. We consult with community members and individuals before we initiate any project, and carry out surveys and research with communities before we determine what kind of project we will help to administer. 

How our values impact on our work.

Every little thing we do has an impact on others. Sending a child to school or a mother to evening classes changes the whole family and positively impacts on their community. A permanent solution that changes one person's life may also be a sustainable change for another.

All of our board, staff and volunteers are passionate about alleviating poverty. We value compassion towards others, and infuse our work with this quality.

Our projects are as sustainable as possible; every solution we offer, from improved access to healthcare to self employment, we try to make each one a permanent change for the better. 

Each project we run is delivered with a bottom up approach. Surveys and interviews with each community before we initiate a project allow us to determine what the community wants and how we can help them to achieve this. We don't believe that communities need us to tell them what to do; instead we harvest their skills, creativity and ideas to make projects that have been designed both by the community and us.

Two thirds of people living in poverty are women. Gender equality plays a huge role in our work; we strive to promote equality, fairness and freedom of opportunity for women as well as men and children.

 We help children, especially girls, to achieve an education by providing grants and scholarships  we also support local schools to promote gender equality by liasing with teachers and staff and providing free training.

All of our projects are funded by donations and fundraising activities. The public's generosity allows our work to continue. We would like to respond to this by being as transparent with our use of funds as possible. We value honestly and transparency, and our constitution and use of funds are available on request to view by anyone. 

Above all, we are fully committed to all of our projects, and every single person that we work with. Each project is maintained and monitored by our UK and overseas staff and volunteers, and we constantly strive  to improve our approach and expand our projects.